How To Keep Pesky Mosquitoes At Bay While Camping

Mosquito Prevention while Camping

A handful of mosquitoes can quickly ruin a family camping trip. Keeping that in mind, there are a few techniques you can use to keep those mosquitoes at bay while camping. Some are pretty straightforward, such as using repellents and others are more preventative.

The Right Location

One of the first and most important steps you can take to keep the mosquitoes at bay is choosing a place to camp far away from the problem. The location of a campsite is often chosen for its scenery, accessibility, or for sentimental reasons. Mosquitoes are overlooked until they become a problem.

However, by considering mosquitoes when choosing a location you may be able to avoid them almost entirely. There are certain locations where mosquitoes are more likely to be a problem. Mosquitoes love standing water. This includes fountains, lakes, and puddles. These are the areas where the mosquitoes breed and then lay their eggs.

If you want to fish during your camping trip, then place your tents some distance from the water and hike to the fishing spot when it is time. By choosing the appropriate location away from standing water, the number of mosquitoes you encounter will decrease, but a few may still bug you.

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The Right Gear

There is a variety of gear you can bring on your camping trip to combat a mosquito problem. This ranges from the simple things, such as clothes, to larger gear like camping nets. Anti-mosquito gear is a great solution because using it does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Different types of nets will help in different scenarios. A mosquito net for the head is great if you are hiking through an area where mosquitoes are a problem. These come in several different sizes and most are adjustable. There is usually enough room to fit a hat as well.

Much larger nets are designed to be put in place around the camping area. Some fit around tents, some around hammocks, and others can encircle a much larger area.

Wearing long sleeve clothes, a hat, and pants will help protect your body from any mosquitoes that manage to reach you.

Mosquito Fright

Making Smart Choices

A lot of seemingly simple choices you make before and during your camping trip will affect the likelihood of mosquitoes becoming a problem. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain scents while others will repel them.

The scent you give off is determined by what you eat as well as what you wear. Avoid wearing any perfumes, colognes, or sweet-smelling fragrances. These scents are more likely to attract unwanted guests.

The scent from the foods you eat can escape the body through sweat and attract the insects, which can detect the smells from up to 100 feet away. Mosquitoes are also able to detect the scent of lactic acids that escape through sweat. Foods that are high in potassium and salt will increase the production of lactic acids and make you a prime target for pests.

On the other hand, if you want to repel mosquitoes, then try eating foods with garlic or onions. Both of these scents tend to repel mosquitoes. You may also ingest a garlic capsule if you do not like the idea of eating garlic.

Mosquito net

Using Repellents

Repellents should work as a last resort for keeping the mosquitoes at bay. All-natural repellents should be used in lieu of chemical-based solutions. Chemical repellents can have a negative impact on the environment and natural solutions work perfectly fine.

There are various forms of repellents. You can spray vinegar around the camp site. You could also burn special candles or wicks that are designed to repel mosquitoes. Natural repellents that come in spray cans should be sprayed on exposed areas of the body that are not covered with clothing.

When used together, all of the techniques above should keep away most, if not all, of the mosquitoes. Keep the mosquito problem in mind the moment you begin planning the trip. This way you can bring the right gear, eat the right food, and choose the right camping spot.

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