Finding the Perfect Beach Camping Tent

What to look for in a beach camping tent:

 Finding the perfect beach camping tent is not too different from finding an all purpose camp tent. The main difference is that you are only looking for a2-season tent or a 3-season tent rather than looking for a 4-season tent(not that you don’t want to use a 4-season tent,but they are much,much more expensive).
So to begin with you will need to think seriously about where you are going to pitch your beach camping tent,you are going to have different needs when beach camping in southern California than you will if choosing a destination in northern Washington or Maine(not to mention Alaska or Nova Scotia…LOL)
 One of the biggest factors in determining what camp tent will be right for you is proper ventilation,as there is a good chance that you will most want to be beach camping in the summer. I must warn you that the better the tent,the higher the price. This goes for ventilation as well,unless you are not worried about needing your beach tent to protect you from a sudden rainshower.
 If you are just using your beach camping tent for the afternoon in southern California you will probably be more than comfortable with an inexpenstive Ozark Trail Tent  or Northwest territory tent. Also the ventilation will not be quite as high of concern since you can always omit the rainfly if not expecting precipitation.
 Now if you are planning to purchase a beach camping tent for northern areas of the United States or Canada,you are going to need a much more high quality camping tent. In this case you will be looking for a 3-season or 4-season tent,especially if you are planning more than just a half day trip.
A good selection of affordable camping tents of this quality would be  Coleman camping tents  or Winchester camp tents. Again you need to make sure that the tent you select has the proper ventilation for summer camping. And remember to dab some sealant on the seams as soon as you get your new tent so that the seams will be good and waterproof in case you get caught in some nasty conditions.
 For the serious outdoor enthusiast that plans on backpacking into remote areas to do your beach camping we will need to address another issue…lightweight and easily packable. Of course these tents are going to be more expensive,but you do get a very well rounded tent for all of your tent camping needs,not just beach camping.
 This expensive style of tent is going to be a necessity for those who will be backpacking into remote areas of Alaska,Canada,or the Olympic Peninsula. Wenzel camping tents,Eureka camp tents,and  Kelty camping tents  will be your best choices if this is your style of beach camping. These tents are very high quality and you are going to pay for it,but you will have a camping tent for all seasons and almost every review on these tents are rating them with 4 stars or better.

 One final tip about your beach camping tent before I conclude this article. Since your tent will be pitched on the beach you need to buy extra tent stakes and longer tent stakes than normal would be a great idea given that you will be facing strong winds at times. The sand is also very soft,so a longer stake may save you hours of chasing your tent down the beach 😉

 I hope this little article has helped to inform you on beach camping tents and will help you to choose the perfect tent for your needs. Have a wonderful,funfilled camping summer.

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