Replacement Tent Poles

Replacement Tent Poles

Replacement Tent Poles

Replacement Tent Poles for Your Tent

Please check the model of your tent before purchasing replacement tent poles, although many brands of replacement tent poles may be interchangeable, not all are. Do your research before making a purchase!

Additionally you will find that there are many different pole sizes to choose from, again do your research. Make sure you purchase the same diameter pole size as well as the style that will fit your tent, for example dome or cabin style tents.

If you have your tent manual you should have no problem finding the information you need. You can find a number of Ozark Trail tent manuals here.

We will be looking to put together a guide on choosing replacement tent poles for a variety of camping tents.

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If the replacement tent poles here are not what you are looking for you can find more styles and sizes by clicking the button below.

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  • Replacement Fibreglass Pole Kit Shock Corded Camping Tent Equipment Black 4.5M X 8.5MM 9 Sections
  • Replacement fiberglass pole kit Ideal for replacing broken poles Spigots and elastic cord included Handy to take as a spare when camping Lightweight with a small pack size for easy transportation and storage
  • Generic Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit
  • Material:fiber glass Sole pole length:3.9m Section length:43.3cm Diameter:7.9mm
  • Texsport 7/16-Inch Tent Pole Replacement Kit
  • Four 25-5-Inch fiberglass tent poles Zinc coated steel ferrules Two vinyl pole caps, grommet tip and instructions P.V.C. bag/header 10-Feet of elastic shock-cord and 29-Inch leader wire
  • Coleman Replacement Tent Pole Kit
  • Compatible with most family dome tents Pre-attached ferrules Includes four 27-in fiberglass replacement poles, 10 ft. of shock cord and lead wire, 2 vinyl pole caps and easy set-up instructions
  • Coghlan's 194 Tent Pole Repair Kit
  • Tent pole repair kit Includes 130-Inch shock cord, 30-Inch wire, 6 washers and 2 ferrules A must have for any camper