Where to Buy Ozark Trail Tents from Walmart

Who Sells Ozark Trail Tents

If you are looking for Ozark Trail tents from Walmart then of course the first place you might want to consider making a purchase is Walmart. However you can find them online right from this website.

Ozark Trail is Walmart’s brand of camping equipment and use to only be sold at Walmart, however these days you can find Walmart tents on Amazon as well as several other websites. If you are looking for Ozark Trail tents then you are probably already familiar with the brand and know that although not the best camping tent made, they do offer a reasonable product at a great price.

In fact the low price is the largest reason this brand of camping tent has become so popular. You can find small 2 person tents for as low as $35-40 and large 12 person cabin tents for around $350 as well as everything in-between.

Walmart Tents Ozark Trail

Who Makes Ozark Trail Tents

Although this brand is sold as the in-house brand of Walmart tents they are not actually manufactured by Walmart. Walmart is a retail store not a manufacturing company. As with everything Walmart sells under their own brand, Ozark Trail tents are made by independent manufactures for Walmart. This means you never really know who is making Walmart tents as they use many different manufacturers.

Oddly enough none of the manufacturers make any sort of replacement parts for this line of camping tents. This can really be a pain since as mentioned Ozark Trail is not the highest quality tent. Tent poles breaking is a common occurrence and many folks complain about ripping their rainfly. The good news is that you can get replacement tent poles that will fit any tent and you can often find generic rainflys that will work on most tents as well.

Where are Ozark Trail Tents Made

Because Walmart uses several different manufacturers to produce Ozark Trail camping equipment, figuring out where their tents are made can get a bit difficult. However it is known that many of their manufacturers are located in China.

How Good Are Ozark Trail Tents from Walmart

The fact is that this brand of camping tent is not the highest quality, as mentioned, the tent poles tend to break a little to easy and the rainflys are prone to ripping. Additionally there have been many complaints of the leaky tents.

On the other hand, Walmart tents are very reasonably priced and really are a great tent if you are planning on doing fair weather camping only or maybe only plan on going camping once or twice during the summer. Additionally, if you are new to camping and not sure if you are going to enjoy it and then buying one of Walmart’s low cost tents may be a good choice for you.

Ozark Trail Tent from Walmart


How Do Walmart Tents Compare

Although I keep saying that Ozark Trail Tents are not high quality this doesn’t mean they are not worth taking a look at. Camping tents from retailers like Sears/Kmart or Fred Meyer are not any better and tent brands such as Coleman have the same problems although not as often.

So, if you are looking for a low cost camping tent then I would suggest taking a closer look at the many different models of camping tents at Walmart. They work just fine in fair weather or for those who don’t do much camping. They are also a good way for a person new to camping to try it out without having to purchase an expensive tent just to figure out they don’t enjoy camping.

Additionally, as mentioned, you can find replacement tent poles as well as rainflys at outdoor stores or online at Amazon. These replacement parts are fairly inexpensive so if you do need to replace your tent poles or have other issues it won’t cost you a fortune to fix the problem.

Ozark Trail Tents Logo

You can find Ozark Trail Tents from Walmart right here at www.Ozark-Trail-Tents.com

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  • Anita DeLafontaine says:

    We just recently purchased a 12 x 12 Ozark Trail Canopy at Walmart. We set it up on our deck and secured it well, when a storm came through and mangled the whole thing. The canopy is fine but the frame is all mangled. I need to know what can we do about this.
    Thank you
    Anita DeLafontaine

    • James Bishop says:

      Hi Anita,

      You would need to speak with Walmart customer service and see if they can help you. Unfortunately we are not affiliated with the brand Ozark Trail which is Walmart’s in house brand of camping gear. We are just a website where you can find information about camping and camping equipment.

      I hope Walmart can provide satisfactory service for you.

      Best Regards,

  • Jennifer Blais says:

    I’m looking for replacement poles for my 18′ x 16′ Dome Tent with Screen Porch. In a wind storm, one of my roof poles shattered. It is a black fiberglass pole with yellow colour identifying where it goes on the tent. Does walmart sell these locally or do I purchase from this site?

    • James says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Walmart does not sell replacement tent poles for their line of camping tents, Ozark Trail. Unfortunately we are not the manufacturer of Ozark Trail tents, we are just a website with information on different brands of camping tents including Ozark Trail.

      However, we can direct you to Amazon.com were you should be able to find generic replacement tent poles, as long as you know the size you need you should have no problems finding some there.

      Here is the link http://amzn.to/2cXOMwH

      I hope this helps!

      Best Regards & Happy Camping,

  • Bob Travers says:

    I have had a 16 x 10.5 family dome tent for over 15 years and like it very much,but the D door zipper died and doesn’t keep zipped closed. All I need is to sew in a replacement door zipper if you have one? This tent gets 1-2 weeks work every year and has been very satisfactory for me and my small family. Can I get a replacement D door zipper from you or do you know where I might acquire one?? thank you Bob Travers Chico, California.

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